Process and other Filters

At Camfil Ireland we manufacture a wide range of process filters used in many different appliances and Industries. Through our manufacturing plant in Dublin all these products can be made bespoke and often with very short lead times. Camfil Ireland manufacture a large array of Process filters, so if you have any queries or would like Camfil to quote you on existing process filters you may use, please do not hesitate in contacting Camfil Ireland

Ventilation Filters Ventilation Filters

As well as our Bag and Panel Filters Camfil Ireland also manufacture a wide range of filters that are used in different ventilation systems.

Food and Beverage Process Filters Food and Beverage Process Filters

In the Food and Beverage Industry process filters are used throughout the manufacturing process. Camfil Ireland manufacture a range of process filters that are used in many application in this Industry

Process Filter Socks and Bags Process Filter Socks and Bags

At Camfil Ireland we manufacture a range of different sock and bag filters. These are used in many Industies including the medical device Industry.

Life Science Process Filters Life Science Process Filters

The use of process filters in the Life Science Industry is imperative so that the manufacturing process is not contaminated. At Camfil Ireland we use FDA approved material to make sure that the products we supply are fit for the purpose and do not compromise on quality

Liquid Process Filters Liquid Process Filters

At Camfil Ireland not only do we manufacture our own range of process filters, but we are also an authorized distributor of liquid process filters for Parker Hannaffin. Camfil Ireland staff are fully trained in regards to liquid process filters and can help you with any queries that you may have

Camfil Process and Capabilities Camfil Process and Capabilities

As well as manufacturing our wide range of Bag and Panel filters from our manufacturing plant in Dublin, Camfil Ireland also have a dedicated production department for our Process facilities. With the help of Camfil Ireland sourcing department, we can identify different process filters and offer you a like for like solution using the same or similar material. Through our rigorous process and our manufacturing capabilities, Camfil Ireland aim to provide our customers with the best process filtration solutions on the market.


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