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Do you have Dust or fume problems in your factory? Camfil Ireland supply, install and maintain the full range of Camfil Gold Series Dust Collectors as well as offering Service and Maintenance packages for all Non-Camfil Dust Collectors.

Virtually every manufacturing process creates some type of dust or fume. Camfil APC is an expert in industrial dust and fume collectors that stop pollutants from entering the workspace and outside air, creating safer and cleaner environments.

Camfil APC offers the most technologically advanced dust collectors available – backed by dependable service support and decades of proven experience. Every piece of equipment is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified facility and is supported by a state-of-the-art dust testing laboratory, ensuring a quality product from design to shipment.

We guarantee that our dust collectors will comply with local and/or national requirements for particle emissions control. Our equipment also plays a vital role in protecting factories against the hazards of combustible dust explosions, and we offer an integrated program to help customers analyze and solve their combustible dust problems.

Our mission is to ship collectors fast while still giving the customer what they want; to be the most customer-friendly company in the dust collection business; and to make the best dust collector in the business from an end user and maintenance viewpoint. Our equipment solves dust challenges for a wide range of industries and applications: blasting, chemical processing, fibreglass and FRP, food processing, laser and plasma cutting, mining, paper scrap, pharmaceutical, rubber grinding, seed processing, solar panel fabrication, thermal/flame spray, welding, woodworking, and many more.

Visit the Camfil  APC web site for complete product information and to learn about industrial dust collection.

If you have any queries in regards to the maintenance of your dust collector contact Camfil Ireland today as our dedicated site service team can assist you with any maintenace issues you may have


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