Camfil Irelands Clean Air Trailer

Does your facility suffer from Dust or Fume problems?

Does your production process require a Clean Indoor environment (Cleanrooms)?

Are you a consultant engineer or an in-house facility or maintenance engineer working on improving the Indoor environment in your facilty?

If you answered YES to any of these questions why not take advantage of Camfils expertise and allow us to bring our Clean Air Trailer to you?

Camfils Clean Air Trailer is designed to showcase some of the products that Camfil supply to help improve the Indoor air quality in facilities all around the world. Camfil products are used in the Life Science Industry, the Food and Beverage Industry, the Medical Device Industry, Health Care Industry, the Micro-electronic Industry as well as other manufacturing Industries to help improve the indoor environment thus protecting your people, products and processes.

With the Camfil Clean Air Trailer, Camfil can showcase products such as The Camfil Gold Series Dust Collector, The Cleanseal, the Pharmaseal, The CamSafe 2 and the Camfil range of Air Purifiers - The CamCleaner as well as Camfils Air filter ranges including the Absolute HEPA filters and Prosafe range of filters. All these products have been designed to protect your people, your processes and your product.

To arrange for Camfil to bring the Clean Air Trailer to your facility or workplace and for a free demonstration of Camfil Clean air products, Contact Camfil today or email to learn more



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